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Q: What size of projects do you work on? 

A: We work on different sized projects, small and large, commercial and residential. Every project starts with a initial consultation meeting, from there our design services are itemized on an estimate proposal and you can choose how many services you would like to use us for.

Q: Do you only work with certain contractors?

A: We will work with any reputable contractor on a project, so if you have one you are comfortable with we can work with them as long as they are reputable. If you don't have one, we can recommend a couple that we think would be good for the project.

Q: Who purchases the products you recommend?

A: Some design firms do all of the purchasing of products because it's one of the main ways they make money. At Monical Design, we will be more than happy to order and purchase the products we recommend, but if the client or contractor would prefer to purchase them, that's fine too.

Q: Do I get to see a design concept before I pay to move forward with you on the project?

A: Design Concepts are very detailed and take a lot of time to create. We put in a lot of work doing all the architectural drawings (to scale floor plans, elevations, and sections), and inspiration boards with design direction and feel. Since these are itemized services we offer, you do pay for them. However because they are itemized, if you are dissatisfied with the design concept, you don't have to continue to move forward with us on a project. All of the drawings and inspiration boards you get to keep after payment for them. In the initial consult, preliminary design advice will be given towards the design issue, so you will have a little idea of where we might go with the design concept before paying for drawings.

Q: If I have an existing piece of furniture, accessory, artwork, or architectural detail that I want to keep in the new design will it be possible?

A: Usually the answer to this is yes. Whatever existing pieces of furniture, artwork , architectural detail etc. that you would like to keep and incorporate into the new design concept or styling plan, we will do our best to make it work.