Elizabeth Head Shot.jpg

Elizabeth Monical,

CEO / Principal Designer  

Elizabeth Monical established Monical Design in 2008 in order to pursue her passion for bringing a modern sense of style to the greater Omaha area.  An Omaha native, she holds a Bachelors of Science – Design degree attained from the UNL Interior Design/Interior Architecture Program.  Her passion for design was kindled from her freedom to create her own space from a young age.  Having a background in architecture makes her unique among Omaha designers in that she begins each project with structural/architectural decisions…morphing living spaces in ways most designers cannot. 

Sarah Pic.jpg

Sarah Boggs

Designer / Product Director

Sarah Boggs has been working as a Designer  with Elizabeth since 2016.  Sarah designs along side Elizabeth, helping to ensure clients get the look they are after.  Sarah also is a buyer for some of our Black Sheep Inventory, and creator behind Black Sheep Greens.  She has a Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia and Web Design from Illinois Institute of Art,  as well as recent schooling for Interior Design from MCC.  Her background also extends into Graphic Design, helping out our clients when their projects require any special graphics.  She has always had a strong interest in Art and Design.  

Jackson head shot.jpg

Jackson Martin

Product Manager / Photographer

Jackson has been working at Monical Design since April of 2018 as our product director.  Managing our inventory, he's great at moving  things around.  Jackson has interests in travel,  film, photography, and graphic arts.  In his spare time you'll find him hanging out skating, or working on his skater magazine, "Fresh Slang".  We all want to be Jackson when we grow up.