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Black Sheep & Co. is a division of Monical Design.  As designers, we were tired of seeing spaces decorated to look like showrooms with no personal meaning to any of the items picked.  All the accessories and artwork looked like it was purchased from the same vendor, no unique mix of items, and no custom items.  Wanting to be different in our styling and offer more personality to our clients, Black Sheep & Co. was created.


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Black Sheep Style is our styling service at Monical Design.  We meet with you to discuss a styling plan and then gather products that we feel will reflect your style.  This includes some custom pieces from greenery to artwork,  vintage and antique items, and even figure out family photos with framing and grouping.  We bring everything over and will style your rooms so they have that "put together" finished look.  If you have some items you want to incorporate, we will mix those in as well.  Let us worry about what goes where or with what, so you can relax.  When we're all done, you get to see your space all put together and can decide what you want to purchase from our inventory, then we'll take back the rest.  Black Sheep Style can be great for everyday or a special occasion or holiday.  Check out some of our style work.

Coming Soon,  for those that just need to find that right unique piece for their space, or are looking for designer selected home decor that will be reasonably priced, the Black Sheep Weekend Markets will be a great time to shop.  Our design team will ensure that we will have a mix of new and vintage items, as well as custom and general pieces.  Check out our Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram Page for information on up coming market events.   

Black Sheep has a green thumb, ok a faux green thumb.  Sometimes real greenery just won't work in a space, or you might not have time to take care of it.  Black Sheep's faux greenery is custom made, we have ready made pieces that we use in our styling and will sell at markets.   We can also make an arrangement as needed for holidays etc. for our clients.  Already have the perfect pot or vase?  No problem, we can fill it as requested.  We work hard to find the most realistic floral and greenery to create pieces you will feel good about having in your space, needing little maintenance or care.   

Getting that timeless mix look includes having a few vintage or antique pieces in a space to add character and history.  These pieces can be great conversation starters and help a space to look like it wasn't decorated in an afternoon, but over time.  When looking at vintage or antique pieces, things can get pricey fast.  With Black Sheep Vintage, we try to source items that can be more reasonably priced, so it's easier to own those unique fun pieces.

Custom art pieces is a great way to add cultured style to your space.  Custom art pieces or signage can offer unique connection and personalized meaning within a space.  Working with artists, in house, local and abroad, Black Sheep Custom will offer pieces that will add instant interest to any space. Like our vintage items, we will strive to make our custom pieces reasonably priced.  We love the idea of working with local artists to help the talent in the Omaha area grow.